New & Exciting opportunities for a limited range of clients.

Endural treatment, be a part of the new partially organic piston technology.

We at IMD, are working on a revolutionary technology that applies directly to our products, and we are inviting all those interested, to be a part of this new treatment we are applying to pistons.

What is this new "Revolutionary Technology"?

Well, lets suppose you have a bike sat in your garage, or in your attic, it could be a near complete build, or completely in bits. Imagine the difficulties you may face when you open up the engine, and see your cylinder block has rusted, and seized. We have a workaround. Yes that is correct, we have been developing a new treatment, that is currently used on Formula 1 parts, Jaguar Land-Rover Parts & Catepillar Machinery Parts, that can eliminate that problem. So to sum up, it is a new coated compound, but I can promise you, it is nothing you have ever seen on a piston.


What does this "Treatment" do?

Here is the exciting part. The treatment is designed to be applied to the sides of the piston, just like any old coating would. But instead of turning a piston into a non-stick frying pan, Cough* Teflon *Cough, the treatment holds tiny particulates of oil on the surface, without sliding off, like a tissue to grease. Therefore this treatment in reality, could potentially help to stop your engine from seizing. The main reason why pistons and cylinders need replacing after being left, is the fact that there is no lubrication, and we all know what happens to metal that is left over time.


Can it do anything else?

Im glad you asked. Our new treatment not only reduces the chance of an unlubricated surface, it also has a temprature resistance factor of up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit.

It is probably easier if I list the features.

  • Heat resistance of up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Up to 70% more efficient oil placement and lubrication ( Compared to normal Silicon Alloy material )
  • Improved abrasive wear resistance of up to 45%
  • Higher tactile strength than Molybdenum Disulfide
  • It is also partially organic, with no man made compound, the only non organic element is the carrier to convert to an efficient treatment.

We are currently looking for all trade, retail and other clients, to email me, to become a distributor / investor / affiliate of our new technology.


Please either use the contact form, or email me directly


Thank you for your time.